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Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Comment: Ahmed Fahour's last big payout from Australia Post will take a decade to deliver Canberra Times 2 days ago Colin Kruger \ Australia Post boss quits amid pay outrage Seven News 1:30 UP NEXT Ahmed Fahour is stepping out the door at Australia Post in July, but it will take another decade for the organisation to deliver his final package. It will be worth the wait. The chief postie like the rest of his posties managed to qualify for the defined benefit scheme, which means his super payout is based on his finalsalary and years of service rather than the more modest defined contribution scheme most of us are familiar with. You get a lump sum based on a formula that works something like this: final salary multiplied by years of full-time service multiplied by 14.3 per cent. Stefan Postles ''I am yesterday's man now.'' Ahmed Fahour. Let's assume Fahour's final actual salary is $1.7 million. We don't doctor home loan program Oak Laurel know this for sure but it was his base pay in 2013-14 and has not been disclosed since then. Mind you, we might get lucky this week when his chairman, John Stanhope, fronts the Senate committee to explain how somebody running a tax payer-owned asset could earn so much. Thatformula gives Fahour a lump sum payment of $1.7 million. The downside for Fahour is that he will not get his hands on this pot of money untilhe turns 60. The young gun turned 50 last October, so no wonder Fahour thinks he has another corporate gig in him yet. Clown casino The poor sods on the board at James Packer's Crown Resorts. It's really hard to keep things sweet with the ASX fuzz when Crown sources are so busy leaking to its favoured spruikers in the press. The resignation of a CEO you know, like Crown'sRowan Craigie is a big deal. And the ASX regulatory branch was not happy that this newswas already on the front pages of Rupert Murdoch's The Australian and CBD stablemate TheAustralian Financial Review well before Crown deemed it necessary to tell the market. Jessica Shapiro Rowan Craigie announced his resignation from Crown after it was in daily newspapers.